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Michael G Moore






“MICHAEL G MOORE is the Brit-rock voice you’d never thought would exist again. But he does. And his music reverberates up to the skies and reflects back nostalgia and refreshing entitlements of our youth.”
Come Here Floyd



Work with Michael G Moore.

String Arrangements, Songwriting and Production. Michael has worked on songs for Becky Hill, Dean Lewis, Adam Lambert and Ray Quinn.

Listen to the playlist here and use the contact form for bookings.



The Piano Animal.
Event Hire

From destination weddings to high profile events, Michael can shape and create a fantastic event for your special day.

Some recent clients include: Warner Studios, Rugby World Cup, Celeb magazine award shows (Cosmopolitan, Red) Victoria Pendelton’s wedding and private parties for Jerry Hall & the Jagger Family.

Michael is a multi instrumentalist and will add ambience and energy to your special day. His singing, piano skills, guitar, cello and even ukulele, is show stopping. This man, with a desire to please, will tailor his set to suit your needs. He will meet with you, gauge your style and create something to reflect you and your special event.

Michael, The Piano Animal brings live music at its finest: engaging and energetic, unique and a true musician and entertainer. Like, and yet so much more than a DJ, he’s a live jukebox. There is no other piano entertainer like him. With a remarkable memory he has a repertoire with over 1000 songs in his head played at any moment from request. Your guests will spend all night recalling their favourite songs which he’ll play and trying to catch him out which they won’t. **insert disclaimer, (I mean come on there’s one or two I don’t know). No need for sheet music or lyric sheets, he can play for hours seemingly with no need to break. Playing songs from any decade or genre, guaranteed – he will have everyone involved and on their feet.

Still not sure? The testimonials speak for themselves.


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